Do You Need Help Becoming a U.S. Citizen?

Taking on immigration law cases in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Entering the United States and becoming a legal resident is as hard as ever. New laws and ordinances have made it a challenge for many to enter the United States on valid terms. You need someone on your side to guide you through the legal process. Andriusis Law Firm, LLC can help you obtain your green card, and if you want to stay longer, apply for United States citizenship. Our attorney assists with all aspects of immigration law in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Call today to discuss your immigration case with a trusted attorney.

Working with all individuals for their citizenship and immigration law needs

If you reside in the United States but are not here on valid terms, Andriusis Law Firm is here to help. We’ve helped legal and illegal immigrants with:

  • Green cards and VISA processes
  • Naturalization and citizenship processes
  • Domestic violence cases
  • Crime victim cases
  • Family separation cases

Get the help you deserve from an honest and knowledgeable attorney. Contact Andriusis Law Firm today to schedule a consultation.